7 Ways For Australian Businesses To Ramp Up Office Productivity As It Cools Down Outside

The Ostrich pillow makes your desk warmer in winter. Image: Studio Banana Things.

As Australia heads into the depths of winter, finding the motivation to roll out of bed only to be greeted by rainy, dark days and get work done can be difficult.

Paul Fitzgerald, Thermos Australia marketing manager, said even though Australia’s winters aren’t as harsh as the northern hemisphere, workers do still feel the effects of the cooler months and it can influence workplace productivity.

“Although our winters don’t really compare with the likes of North America or Scandinavia, it’s clear that the weather still impacts our attitudes and workplace behaviours. Come June, when the days are getting shorter and darker, it’s not uncommon for some to feel lower levels of energy, while others experience poor moods; more commonly known as the ‘winter blues’,” he said.

Here are seven tips to staying warm and productive at work in the winter months.

1. Cold-proof your workspace. You can chill-proof the office by keeping doors shut, adding rugs to hard floors, cushions to cold chairs and positioning a heater strategically under your desk.

2. Drink more water. Staying hydrated in winter is important because water helps your body retain heat.

3. Keep moving. Wriggle your fingers and toes and take the stairs instead of the lift. Even small movements can help you stay warm, alert and can fight off fatigue.

4. Layer up. Blankets over the knees at work, scarfes, jumpers and beanies can all keep you warm and comfortable at your desk.

5. Boil the kettle. A cup of tea can do wonders for your work day. Try not to have too much caffeine as it can construct the blood vessels which means your fingers and toes get colder faster.

6. Adjust the aircon. If the office really is an icebox, say something! You may need to turn the temperature up.

7. Hot gadgets. If all else fails you can tech up your desk with a heated mouse pad, touch screen gloves or an Ostrich pillow which keeps your head and hands nice and warm.

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