Here Are 7 Stocks Making Huge Moves Today

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The Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P are all currently up, with the Dow leading the pack at +0.8%. As a result, there are a few big winners today coming off strong earnings reports. 


Citrix Systems, Inc. (CTXS): Up 12% — Citrix was up 11% premarket and is continuing to hold right near that mark based off of solid core results in their earnings report, despite sliding profits and rising expenses.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. (COG) : Up 5.8% — Cabot is shooting up after netting posting a net income of $0.09 per share compared to last quarter’s $0.06 as the company continues to expand production.

Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA): Up 6.7% — Reports are out that Japanese game company Nexon has made a bid to takeover EA. A bloomberg video reported the rumour, and the stock has surged since the report.

Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (WPI): Up 7.5% — Watson acquired Activis for $5.9 billion and the stock has soared to all-time highs as a result. Investors seem to be ecstatic about the acquisition.



H&R Block, INC (HRB): Down 10.6% — H&R Block will eliminate 350 jobs and close roughly 200 stores across the country. As a result, their stock is getting hammered.

Aetna, Inc. (AET): Down 8.2% —The healthcare company missed earnings estimates mostly due to continually rising costs. The miss is not being well received on Wall Street.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc (PCS): Down 9.1% — This is two straight quarters where MetroPCS hit their expected revenue but missed their expected earnings per share estimate. Over the past year, revenue has grown as earnings have continued to slide.

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