Here Are 6 Stocks Making Monster Moves Today

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The Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P are all currently up, with the Nasdaq leading the pack at +0.6%.

A couple stocks are making some insane moves today.



Expedia, Inc. (EXPE): Up 27.8% — Expedia is going nuts after announcing very high profits from hotel-booking, up nearly 30%.

Cray, Inc. (CRAY) : Up 21.9% — This is the highest the stock has been in two and a half years, as the computer company destroyed estimates and raised their sales outlook for the year., Inc (AMZN): Up 14.7% — With improved profit margins, Amazon has surged nearly 15% today. Amazon’s performance has been the story on the Street so far.



Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (MXWL): Down 42.7% — Cannacord Genuity downgraded Maxwell to hold and a sell-off commenced, as they have dipped below $10.

Deckers Outdoor, Inc. (DECK): Down 25.9% —With earnings that were under estimates, Decker Outdoor is getting pummelled and has been since the close yesterday, as they were down more than 15% after hours.

Tesso Technologies, Inc. (TESS): Down 19.6% — Tesso Technologies stated that they are going to lose a part of its business with their largest customer, which has obviously concerned investors.

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