Here Are 6 Crazy Christmas Tasks People Have Offered As Jobs On Airtasker

Getty/Mark Wilson

Santa has his elves, but ordinary mortals are turning to online job sites such as Airtasker to outsource some of their last minute Christmas chores.

From wrapping presents to assembling a trampoline, to playing Christmas elf for a children’s part, being a Christmas lunch helper, putting lights on a 15m-high gum tree and even being a beer caddy to cart the booze during around of golf with mates, there are some crazy jobs available for the festive season.

Here are some of the more unusual ones going.

Christmas Elf, $120, Gladesville, NSW
Elf needed to entertain 15 children aged 2-7 years at a private house Christmas party. For 2 hours from 5pm the Elf must greet the guests, play Christmas party games and keep the kiddies amused ;) elf to supply own costume and have a personality to entertain!

Extra set of hands Xmas day, $475, Coogee, NSW
I need someone to help out Xmas day cleaning, stacking dishwasher, serving food etc Xmas day

Dress up as Santa, $94, Guildford, NSW
Dress up as Santa on Christmas eve and hand out pressies and lollie bags to kids at around 10.30pm for a family BBQ.

Tree climber, place LED Xmas light on top of tree, $40, Kew, East VIC
Person wants Christmas lights placed on top of eucalyptus tree about 15 metres high

Putting trampoline together, $70, Tapping, WA
We are looking for someone that can put the following 10ft trampoline together for us: [Content Moderated] .au/plum-space-zone-10ft-trampoline-enclosure/
The family needs someone to assemble the trampoline while they go out with the kids and come back by 3pm on 24th December.

Beer Sherpa, $60, Altona, Vic
A “beer Sherpa” needed for Christmas break up to cart an esky around a 9-hole golf course with a push cart in Spotswood and deliver beers as needed.

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