Here Are 5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Make Great Bosses

Photo: Rick Tomlinson/Team SCA/Getty Images.

Entrepreneurs are free thinkers. Bustling with ideas, pushing boundaries and redefining the norm, these guys are the types people you want in your business – better still, running your business.

One business running with this concept is Loud&Clear, a creative digital agency in Melbourne.

Recently announced as Australia’s 31st fastest growing company according to the BRW Fast 100 and placed on the Deloitte Australia Tech Fast 50 list, this business has uncovered the secret to success – be entrepreneurial.

Cade Witnish, co-founder of the Loud&Clear, says: “Our business began as a startup and this energy has stayed central to our culture and has been a major contributor to our success.”

He says the business encourages internal innovation through an incubator program and encourages staff to pitch their own startup ideas for commercialisation.

“We welcome and foster the development of our employees’ own projects”, he says. “This support for staff encourages their development.

“Thinking about their business ideas outside of their day to day roles gives them a well-rounded education in business and makes them better employees.”

Witnish believes many problems that develop in business usually stems from their company’s culture and says creating an engaging and diverse demographic of employees where every staff member feels like they can contribute is the key to success.

Here’s why his entrepreneurial leadership has worked.

Disruption is good.

An entrepreneurial outlook is disruptive. Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to challenge and think critically. By encouraging an entrepreneurial culture, businesses ensure employees brains are switched on to look for opportunities. Companies that promote an innovative culture create a unique talent pool with a broader business mindset than simply the role of an employee.

Experimentation is the key.

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of failure. From primary school, we’re taught that getting something wrong is failure, and that failure is something to avoid. Startup founders understand that failure is a necessary by-product of experimenting and that experimentation is a cornerstone of innovation.

New is exciting.

Entrepreneurs are resilient, flexible and resourceful. Entrepreneurs love taking things apart and putting them together in new ways. The phase “that’s the way we’ve always done it” excites entrepreneurs because it suggests latent opportunity and disruptive potential. Being unafraid of what comes next, (and modelling this to employees) makes entrepreneurs a benefit to any organisation.

Seeing the potential.

Entrepreneurs know how to unlock hidden talent. It’s become a start-up catch cry ‘fail fast’. Start-up founders understand that to facilitate this ‘fail fast’ approach, employees need to be exposed to multiple roles. Many times, this involves ‘stretching’ a person outside of their comfort zone. This is amazing for employees to fast track their development and give them a rounded experience in business. A nice side effect is that it uncovers areas of natural ability that otherwise might be unknown.

Culture, culture, culture.

Start-ups are less hierarchical and more result focused. An entrepreneurial culture makes for a fast paced, constantly evolving, exciting place to work. Anyone from the most junior person to the director of a team can come up with ideas. Through encouraging an entrepreneurial culture at Loud&Clear, we get to work as business partners (a different level) with staff that partner on projects and this enhances our relationships. A broader range of activities keeps our staff interested and gives them a wider understanding outside of their day to day roles.

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