Here Are 5 Commencement Speeches By Political Figures You Need To Watch

obama commencement

This Monday, President Obama will send off Barnard College’s Class of 2012 as part of the university’s annual commencement ceremonies.

Obama is expected to deliver a speech full of words of wisdom, promises of the future, and some political barbs here and there. This is an election year after all.

And while the president usually rises to such occasions, he’ll have the bring his A-game, considering this year’s fierce competition. Other speakers include Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, vice president Joe Biden, and first lady Michelle Obama.

Moreover, past politicians have set the bar high for the president. In fact, some of the great speeches of all time have been given in the form of commencement speeches, and so Obama may have his work cut out for him. 

Here are some of the best.

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