5 Airline Insider Tips That Will Make Your Flight Better

Lim Lee Mai, Malaysia Airlines safety instructor.

For many the take off and landing are the most anxious moments of flying, but despite that, many passengers don’t pay attention to the safety briefing by the flight attendants.

During a trip to Malaysia Airlines safety training centre in Kuala Lumpur, I learned some of the reasons behind the safety spiel.

Lim Lee Mai is a former flight attendant and one of 14 safety instructors at Malaysia Airlines Academy. She lost friends and colleagues on MH370 and MH17, but said “staff morale is coming back”.

“It’s sad to say, but because of this, it has brought us closer,” she said.

Business Insider asked Lim for her tips to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

An evacuation practise area at Malaysia Airlines.

1. Get your flying outfit right.
Wearing a skirt is fraught. In an emergency, mobility is critical – you need to move quickly and sometimes in awkward ways. And if you have to exit the aircraft via the slide, you’ll get friction burns as you slide down at speed.

2. Wear you seat belt tight.
If you wear it loose, you’re slowing yourself down in an emergency. The logic behind doing it up tight is so it can be released fast and with just one finger. To prove the point, Lim had us practice with a mock airline seat. It took more effort and time to undo a loose belt. If you are in an emergency, these are seconds you can’t afford.

3. Don’t sit at the back of the plane if you don’t like turbulence.
Lim said seating in the tail end “feels bad weather the most”. You’ll feel the tale swishing from side-to-side, as well as up and down.

Lim, running through an evacuation practise routine.

4. Know where you closest exit is, and the next closest after that.
It’s important because passengers and crew have just 90 seconds to get everyone – up to 500 people – off the plane. This all the time it takes for a plane to explode, said Lim. If the first exit is blocked, you don’t want to waste time figuring out where Plan B is.

5. There are two oxygen masks in the bathroom.
Sorry, that isn’t for mile high-clubbers, but rather parents and a child in the bathroom.

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