Here Are The 25 Companies Spending Billions On Buybacks

AOL, news corp, exxon

It is no secret that the market volatility has many investors rattled. 

What is very counter-intuitive is that many companies are continuing with most or all of their investor friendly plans regardless of the market. 

That means keeping balance sheets strong, but it also means buying back stock and paying out dividends. 

In fact, some companies have signaled that they just do not believe the current mayhem will turn into a new 2008 or 2009 situation.

The fresh buybacks we have featured are only the big buybacks which are large in size or large in percentages of the market capitalisation of the underlying companies.

The companies are using their balance sheets to take advantage of distressed situations.  Ultimately, this could even signal M&A opportunities arising. 

As a reminder, companies are not under any obligation to spend a single dollar to repurchase stocks.  These buybacks actually look real, and many have a solid history of buying back shares. 

Who needs activist investors when you see these billions and billions being made available to purchase stock.

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