Here Are 20 Of The Weirdest Examples Of Ron Paul Merchandise

Ron Paul

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We have to give it up to Ron Paul supporters. When it comes to passion and creativity, they are unmatched on the political spectrum. We’ve seen the homemade signs. And the Ron Paul car. And the Ron Paul blimp.Therefore, it’s only fitting that this dedication has spawned an enormous amount of Ron Paul swag on the Internet.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the weirdest (and creepiest) examples of Ron Paul memorabilia that place the Texas Congressman alongside Elvis and Bob Marley when it comes to over-the-top, if not totally insane, fan worship.

THIRSTY FOR FREEDOM? This 100% stainless steel flask is made in America and ready to hold your favourite illicit beverage (Not TSA resistant).

LADIES OF LIBERTY: Show off your Liberty Bell-esque curves in this inspired black dress from the limited RP collection.

FREE SPEECH FOR YOUR FEET: Let your feet breathe in these awesome Ron Paul flip flops. Perfect for that free feeling you get at the beach!

BASK IN GLORY: You'll never want to bathe anywhere else after you experience your shower behind these curtains. A vintage American flag backdrop is the cherry on top.

GO GALACTIC: Take your love for Dr. Paul to worlds beyond with this Star Wars-inspired Jedi cloak.

TIME IS TICKING: Are you listening to Ron Paul? This classic minimalistic piece of timework fits perfectly in any living room or 1970s high school hallway. Supplies are limited!

SILVER IS SUPER: This sterling silver bracelet featuring Dr. Paul's face is the perfect gift for mum!

THE TIME HAS COME: Let's face it. Your house wouldn't be a home without another Ron Paul clock.

GYNO-BEAR: This adorable teddy bear depicting Ron Paul delivering a nation is that perfect gift for that sick friend or relative!

PEACE IS NO PUZZLE: Send the message that you want to stop the illegal wars and end the Fed with this Ron Paul puzzle! Put it together and pull it apart, the fun never ends!

GOOD AS GOLD: This commemorative Ron Paul gold-plated coin can be yours!

CLEAN UP THE MESS: Let's be honest. The Republicans or Democrats aren't going to fix our problems. Only Ron Paul can clean up the mess, whether it's in Washington or all over baby Jonathan.

SHAKE 'N' BAKE: This 100% cotton apron features a legendary Ron Paul quote to keep you focused while you prepare recipes from the Ron Paul Cookbook.

NO TOUCHDOWNS FOR TYRANNY: Need to find a gift for Junior? Look no further than this plush Ron Paul Revolution football!

DOUBLE THE PLEASURE: This black maternity piece is the best of both worlds, providing you and your little one with soft cotton support and beautiful applique print.

EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS: Show off your spirit with this athletic gym bag and let your locker room buds know whose team you're on.

PROHIBITION NEVER WORKED: Take a shot of Jack in this porcelain Ron Paul shot glass, featuring hipster Ron Paul

POKER FACE: While you play your online Texas Hold 'Em, remember it's the libertarian Congressman from Texas that holds those who want to ban online gambling accountable!

GOLD BUG MUG: Start the day right with a cup of fresh coffee, mixed with unpasteurized milk. Enjoy Dr. Paul's stare as you come up with great ideas to undermine the Establishment!

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