Here Are 19 Extraordinary Job Titles That Actually Exist

Job titles have been revolutionised in recent years, personal branding reaching a new level as the trend worked its way from the technology field to the more traditional roles in the business world.

Titles like genius, evangelist, and guru are putting a “creative” twist on traditional positions but the jury is still out on whether these fancy names are an advantage or a detriment.

Genevieve George, Founder of Oneshift

Genevieve George from Oneshift, an Australian online job network told Business Insider while “there’s nothing wrong with a little creativity… you need to make sure it fits in with your employer brand and company profile.”

“I think it all started in Silicon Valley — where there is a lot of pressure to differentiate yourself as an employer and an employee. Everyone wants to be that cool company with the creative job titles like Chief Happiness Officer. So it became very trendy for a while. Having said that, I sense people are getting a little tired of it now.”

Here are some that Business Insider sourced from our own networks,, Linkedin and

1. CEO of Awesome

2. Chief Values Officer

3. Overseer of Order

4. Director of Storytelling

5. Mighty Eagle (Peter Vesterbacka creator of Angry Birds)

6. Digital Overlord

7. Chief Trouble Maker (Joanna Pineda at the Matrix Group)

8. Genius (Apple)

9. Director of Talent Acquisition

10. SEO Superstar

11. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

12. Security Princess (Parisa Tabriz at Google)

13. Web Guru

14. Ambassador of Buzz (Taylor Aldredge at Grasshopper)

15. IT Pro Evangelist (Microsoft)

16. Galactic Space Travel Agent (Craig Curran at Virgin Galactic)

17. Sales Ninja

18. Director of First Impressions

19. Mobile Marketing Jedi

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