Man Catches A 200-Year-Old Fish

RockfishLiebman’s fish is four inches longer than this A 38-inch shortraker rockfish caught in 2007.

An insurance adjuster from Seattle, Henry Liebman, caught a 39-pound shortraker rockfish in Alaska that may be 200 years old.

The Daily Sitka Journal first reported the record-breaking catch, which was then picked up by Yahoo! News. Head over there to check out big photos of the incredible catch, which clocked in at 41 inches long.

Shortraker rockfish are common in the Gulf of Alaska, where┬áLiebman caught this record breaker. The fish are “believed to be one of the longest-lived of all fish in the northeast Pacific,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A lab still needs to confirm the age of the fish, but chances are good that it beats the current record for oldest shortaker of 175 years old.

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