Henry Kissinger had an amazingly blunt conversation with The New York Times at the Four Seasons

Former US national security adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wasn’t too keen to indulge a New York Times reporter who approached him for an article titled, “The Dress Code for Power Lunching at the Four Seasons.”

The Times noted that the restaurant, which will leave its current midtown-Manhattan location this summer, has been called “absolute ground zero for power lunching.”

Kissinger, who served under the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon, is a regular.

The newspaper spotted him there recently and asked about his outfit. Here’s his question-and-answer session in the Times story:

May I ask where your suit is from?
My what?

Where did you get your suit?

I have no idea.

How was lunch?

I think we’ve done enough.

O.K. Thanks so much.

Republican National Committee finance chairman Lewis Eisenberg, whom the Times spotted at the restaurant as well, was more indulgent.

He declared former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina the best-dressed Republican presidential candidate and noted that his suit is custom-made.

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