Superman star Henry Cavill admits he really loves acting for the 'fantastic' money

Henry Cavill has been thrust into big blockbusters over the last few years as the new Superman, and with that comes a whole lot of money.

It’s not something that actors on Cavill’s level are very open about, but the star of “Man of Steel” and the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” didn’t hold back when he told Man of the World magazine why he’s in the business.

“I’m not just doing this for the art,” he said. “The money’s fantastic and that’s something which I deem… very important.”

Cavill admits that saying this “can be frowned upon” within the industry. But now that he’s a star, he enjoys the finer things in life. And not just for him, but his friends, too.

“When I’m making money I’m spending it on nice stuff, whether that be lavish holidays for me and my friends or just seeing something and going in a shop and saying, ‘Yeah, I want that for the house,’ I’m buying it,” he said. “Spending money on my friends, buying dinner for everyone, drinks for everyone, it’s a nice place to be, and I like people to feel cared for.”

The English actor grew up in the Channel Islands, where his mother was a secretary in a bank and his father was a stockbroker. After bouncing around TV and movies, he got his big break as the latest Superman when he was cast for 2013’s “Man of Steel.”

Though Cavill doesn’t state how much he’s making as a superhero, it certainly sounds like he’s living the high life. And he’s not apologizing for it.

“People will be calling me a c— as they’re reading this,” he said, “but travel’s great as long as you’re going first class. I mean, travelling to New Zealand in economy, it sucks. Especially if you’re over six feet. But first class? I’m not going to ever pretend to be coy about that. I love it.”

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” opens March 25.

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