'Thor' Star Chris Hemsworth Gave Superman's Henry Cavill Advice For 'Man of Steel'

Henry Cavil

Playing a superhero on the big screen is like a rite of passage, a secret club for actors. Chris Hemsworth has already proven he’s got the muscle, brawn, and acting chops to conjure up a mean God of Thunder in ThorThe Avengers, and the upcoming  Thor: The Dark World. So, if you were gearing up to play the comic book world’s most notorious and well-known character, why wouldn’t you want to seek his advice?  

Well, Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill recently dished to Shortlist magazine about his experience prepping for the role and revealed: 

“I did briefly speak to Chris Hemsworth at Comic Con, who played Thor. I just walked up to him and said, ‘Mate, I wanted to say hi, my name is Henry, I’m playing Superman. What’s it like?'” 

Apparently, Hemsworth responded, “Don’t worry about it. The fans are a lot more supportive than you think. They’re behind you the whole way, so just enjoy it.'”

“He’s a really nice bloke,” Cavill said.

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