Mark Zuckerberg: Why I Stayed Facebook CEO Even Though Many People Thought I Should Quit

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Most entrepreneurs eventually step down and hand their companies over to professional CEOs, often at the insistence of their investors.

Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t done that.

Why not?

Because he’s following a different model, one that has worked extremely well in the technology industry.  In this model, the founder remains CEO of the company and surrounds himself or herself with a strong executive team.  In these clips, Mark explains why he has chosen this course.

We interviewed Mark Zuckerberg as part of our video series on Innovation, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.  The clips from the interview below cover some of Zuckerberg’s thoughts on running Facebook :

  • Why I Decided To Remain CEO Of Facebook When Many Entrepreneurs Step Aside
  • We’ve Made A Ton Of Mistakes…Fortunately, We’ve Gotten The Important Stuff Right
  • The Three Keys To Facebook’s Success

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