Big Healthcare Still Gouging The Crap Out Of You


Contrary to the concerns of those worried about hyperinflation, we’re still mostly mired in deflation.

We would really be struggling with deflation, though, if gas prices hadn’t just spiked…and if the healthcare industry weren’t still jacking up prices a staggering 4%-5% per year.

Doesn’t the healthcare industry understand that everyone’s poor now?

Why do doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies insist on continuing to gouge us?  Can’t they at least take a break?

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The Overall CPI: Hello, Deflation

Prices across the economy are still falling year over year, although we've seen a small uptick in the past few months.

Source: Northern Trust

And Here Are Prices Excluding Energy

Exclude energy, and we're up 1.5% year over year or so.

(Yes, gas prices just shot up, but oil's still down big year over year).

Source: Northern Trust

Now, Ignore Energy AND Food

For those who don't eat or drive, prices are up about 1.75% from last year.

Source: Northern Trust

How About Just Food?

It costs 2% more to eat than it did last year.

Source: Northern Trust

Smoking? Cars?

Tobacco prices have spiked, thanks to a sin tax. But you can always choose to stop smoking.

Car prices are also up a bit for some inexplicable reason. Thankfully, you don't HAVE TO buy a car.

Source: Northern Trust

But Now We Turn To The Big Problem: Healthcare...

The blue line is clothes. They cost more than last year, but clothes prices also bounce around a lot. Yes, you have to buy clothes, but you can usually postpone it for a while.

You cannot, unfortunately, postpone healthcare. And healthcare prices do NOT bounce around a lot. They just go up. On average, it seems, by about 4%-5% a year. Even now, when we're all poor!


Source: Northern Trust

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