War At AOL: Randy Falco Or Ron Grant (Or Both) May Go

A source relays rumblings from within Time Warner that the happy harmony between Randy Falco, Ron Grant, and Jeff Bewkes at the top of AOL is finally starting to unravel.

The speculation–and it’s just speculation–is that someone, either Randy or Ron (or both), will soon take a bullet.  Jeff Bewkes is said to finally be distancing himself from his young apprentice (Ron), and Ron is reportedly becoming more vocal about criticising his boss, Randy.

Given AOL’s ongoing collapse and the increasing dismay inside and outside the company that Ron and Randy seem secure in their jobs, something will probably give soon.  In our opinion, it is unlikely that Jeff would simply dump Randy and hand AOL to Ron, because Ron and Randy have become so closely associated in most people’s eyes that they are simply referred to as “Rondy.”  (And also because, of the two, Randy actually seems to have more support within the ranks.  AOLers think he’s clueless, but well-meaning.  Most folks we talk to think Ron is out of his depth.)

Ron could be sacrificed, but Ron is said to be very close to Jeff, so this would be tough, too.  Perhaps a face-saving move to some new opportunity for one or both.

Stay tuned…

(btw, that’s Joanna Shields of disastrous acquisition Bebo in the middle of that pic.  Randy’s on the left.  Ron on the right.)

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