This New Oblong "Minority Report" G-Speak Interface Craze Is Such A Load Of Crap -- Who Wants To Stand, Wear Gloves, And Wave Their Hands At A Screen All Day?

Oblong Minority Report InterfaceStand, wear special gloves, and wave our arms at a screen all day? We can’t wait!

Photo: Oblong

The tech world was agog and aghast recently when a new company, Oblong, announced that it was going to make the “Minority Report” user interface a reality.The “Minority Report” user interface, you will recall, is the one in which Tom Cruise stands in front of a bunch of translucent screens and waves his arms a lot until a red ball rolls out of a machine with the name of a future criminal on it.

TechCrunch was so excited about Oblong’s double-secret demo that immediately dubbed the interface “Step 2” in the future of computing, with Step 1 being the iPad.

Well, we’re calling b.s.

Maybe YOU are dying for a computer interface that allows you to stand, wear special gloves, and wave your arms and hands at a screen all day, but we sure as heck aren’t. 

For some highly special applications–collaborative presentations, perhaps–we can imagine that such an interface might (might) be an improvement over current versions, but only for short bursts of time, only in these special situations, and only if it works more smoothly than the one in the Oblong demo seems to.

Otherwise, we’ll take our chair, mouse, keyboard, and touchpad all day long.

Here’s the Oblong demo >.  You be the judge.

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