No One Knows What The Economy Is Going To Do


No one knows what the hell the economy is going to do. Joe Nocera went to the economy conference this week and that’s what he found.

Chrysler in doomsday jobs warning Tick tock, tick tock.

Chrysler saga sets dangerous precedent: Government finally just throws out the rule of law.

Chrysler’s greedy secured lenders being blasted by Obama Include Halliburton, Gates Foundation, Oaktree

14 of 19 stress-test banks will need more capital, says FBR’s Miller

Berkshire’s Munger calls banks ‘venal,’ says they’ll block needed reform

It Depends on Meaning of Usury as Credit Card Rates in U.S. Average 14.2%

On the bright side… trade deficit finally shrinking.  Alas, won’t last.

Madoff broker who made $1 billion from Ponzi scheme “should have known” that 300% annual returns were fraudulent, says Trustee.

Drinking wine daily adds five years to fife, more than beer.

American Colleges Flunk Economics Test as Harvard Model Devastates Budgets

The crash explained: Gillian Tett on the genesis of the global debt disaster

The art market: Skinny sales and demoted billionaires

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