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Asia Stocks: Nikkei Falls 2.9%
Most European Stocks Decline, Led by Banks; National Bank of Greece Falls

Rebounding Dollar Hurts Crude ($71)
New Inflation Hawk: Bond Market The vigilantes of the bond markets are able to compensate for inflation by pushing up rates to kill any chance of it, along with the economic recovery.

U.S. poised for weak recovery -UCLA forecast

Treasury plans strict rules for securitisation Proposal for originators to retain 5% of loan


Banks view regulation plans as just proposals

Credit Issuers Slashing Card Balances
Work-Sharing May Help Companies Avoid Layoffs A new program aims to help employers avoid layoffs by reducing their workers’ hours and pay. For employees, state unemployment funds help make up the difference.
Hedge-Fund Startups Sprout as Roc Capital Will Open Doors With $1 Billion

Active Mutual-Fund Managers Beating S&P 500 by Widest Margin in 26 Years

Crisis of faith for high priests of rational markets Trust slips in efficient pricing theory
113 Madoff Victims Tell Stories
Even Gisele Bundchen can’t sell magazines

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