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Stocks Climb, Led by Citigroup, RBS, Bank of America; Oil, Ruble Advance

London stocks lifted by banks after stress tests Gains were limited as clouds remained on the horizon

Geithner Bets U.S. Can Avoid Falling Into Japan Trap Through Bank Earnings

Krugman: Stressing the Positive
Race to Raise Capital or Repay TARP

U.S. Banks’ Not-So-Stressful Test

How the Stress Tests Stopped the Bleeding The stress-test results on banks are increasingly viewed as marking a turning point in the financial crisis.

Findings, but No Final Word The numbers in the stress test report that are most impressive — perhaps shocking should be the word — are the estimates of possible losses from differing categories of assets.

Stress Tests Results Split Financial Landscape The stress test results painted a broad montage of the troubles in the nation’s banking industry and drew a stark dividing line between stronger and weaker institutions.

GMAC, Among the Weakest, Seems in Line for a Bailout It looks as if one more bank — the onetime finance arm of General Motors — needs a bailout. And, four months ago, this bank was not even a bank.

Bank of America’s Lewis Hangs On After ‘Humbling’ Vote, Stress Test Result

Layoff axe swings again  The U.S. economy probably shed more than half a million jobs in April, but the pace of job destruction is slowly easing, economists say ahead of the release of the government’s report on nonfarm payrolls on Friday.

Employers in U.S. Probably Cut Fewer Jobs as Signs Emerged Recession Eased

US Treasury yields soar on poor demand.  So much for quantitative easing.

April Store Sales Seed Recovery Hopes Retailers reported a 1.2% sales gain, the best month since August, propelled by strong sales at Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart to end monthly sales data Data to come quarterly

Toyota reveals first ever annual loss Warns sales will continue to tumble this year

Crude oil surge points up sense of recovery Hopes of demand recovery lift commodities

Allan Stanford’s Cowboy Lawyer DeGuerin Shows ‘No Mercy’ in offence-as-defence

Baron Rothschild Difference With Bernie Madoff Becomes Geneva’s Obsession 

Italy News Media saved by Berlusconi divorce

Shadow-Banking System Next Up for De-Stressing: David Reilly

Director Michael Bay forces Megan Fox to get fat for “Transformers”

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