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Global Stocks Rise on Optimism Over Stress Test Results

Stocks in Europe, Asia Gain, UBS Rises; MSCI World Climbs for Seventh Day

Fed’s Stress Test Results for Banks ‘Reassuring,’ Show No Insolvency Risk

As Stress Tests Are Revealed, Markets Sense a Turning Point

Fiat’s Marchionne Picks Over U.S. Wreckage to Build Pan-European Car Group 

Detroit’s Troubles Lure Bidders Bidders are lining up for U.S. auto brands and dealer networks as Detroit’s woes and brand castoffs spur a global industry reshuffling.

Porsche and VW agree merger Independence ‘shall be ensured’

Chrysler rebels hold out over $295m debt

Obama administration’s lame attempt to hide cost of Chrysler gift

Ex-UBS Directors Found Geneva Private Bank Aimed at Disenchanted Investors

Bill Miller Says Financials Are His favourite Stocks for the Next Two Years

Cisco says the worst is over

News Corp says the worst is over

Microsoft’s Ballmer: Economy is really bad  But tech giant’s CEO also says weak economy is good opportunity for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Dell May Use Google’s Android

Costco April same-store sales off 8%
Warehouse retailer’s total sales fell 6%.

Nouriel Roubini

Year of the ‘W’ Eventually, the shape of 2009 could end up resembling a “W.” So, just where are we on this ride?

Taleb Says Current Crisis ‘Vastly Worse’ Than 1930s; Gold, Copper to Surge

Friedman on Ratigan’s switching channels
Friedman says Buffett is no longer his hero 

Murdoch challenges Amazon’s Kindle model Experiment with news on mobile devices

New York Mets’ $613 Million of Stadium Bonds May Be Cut to Junk by Moody’s

Manhattan Financial District Apartments Get Deepest Price Cuts in Slump

Lehman Bosses Walk, While Small Fry Walk Plank: Jonathan Weil

Spitzer, Edwards, Palin Stay in Sex Spotlight: Margaret Carlson

Swine Flu Spreads to Poland From U.S. as Scientists Plan Vaccine Timeline

Cool interactive gold-price chart

SI swimsuit model / entrepreneur Bar Refaeli hoping to design and sell perfect black bikini
Note: Our first photo excerpt of swimsuit entrepreneur Bar Refaeli was judged to be not entirely safe for work by some startled readers.  We have therefore replaced the excerpt with the one above.  The original is here >

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