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Asian and European Stocks Little Changed Many investors held back in the face of dour reports about Japan’s economy and the U.S. housing market.

Stocks, Copper Rise After Bank of America Sale; Libor May Drop a 36th Day

VIX Falls to Lowest Level Since Before Lehman Bankruptcy as VStoxx Plunges


Japan’s economy shrinks record 4% Green shoots persist despite GDP slump

Bank of America Share Sale Raises $13.5 Billion After Stress-Test Verdict

Feds gifting $7.5 billion to GMAC

Obama Union Favoritism Shocks Lenders as ‘Chrysler Redux’ Imperils Credit

California Voters Reject Schwarzenegger Budget Measures; Deficit May Widen

General Motors Receives Three Bids for Germany’s Opel Unit Before Deadline

U.S. Said to Consider Stripping SEC of Power, Shifting Some Duties to Fed

All that glitters Investors piled into gold in the first quarter as a hedge against the global economic downturn.

Clooney and beautiful friends demand release of Aun San Suu Kyi


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