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Futures ease before retail Markets are focused on renewed strength in oil prices before inventory reports and on approaching retail-sales data. Europe lower

Dollar Falls Against Euro as Oil, Commodities Advance on Recovery Outlook

Recovery signs lift commodities Oil passes $60 as sugar and wheat rise

U.S. Considers Bank Pay Overhaul The Obama administration has begun serious talks about how it can change compensation practices across the financial-services industry, including at companies that didn’t receive federal bailout money.

Treasury to Pick Managers for PPIP

IMF urges stress tests on Europe banks Brussels urged to be more proactive

Joseph Stiglitz Says Global Economy May ‘Bottom’ Soon as Decline Slows

‘Good Bad’ Economy Inspires Americans to Splurge in Sign Slump May Ease

Citi directors face growing pressure to resign Broker voting coming under fierce scrutiny

US jury indicts Stanford investment chief Pendergest-Holt charged with obstruction of justice

Pessimists find reasons to be cheerful

Martin Wolf Why Obama’s conservatism may not prove good enough

US foreclosure programme may be insufficient. Services can’t handle many modifications

New property lending tightened

Yachts Land at Cannes Sans Buyers as Filmmakers Court Scarce Distribution

Vanity Fair’s Carter Serves $18 Mojitos, Egos at Monkey Bar

Larry Ellison Hired Yachting Spy Team, Alinghi Argues in Court Documents

Erin Burnett on the auction of certain New York Yankees memorabilia

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