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Stocks Fall as Dollar, Yen Climb on North Korea Missiles; Won, Oil Decline  Gold futures down $10.50 at $948.50 an ounce, Light sweet crude oil futures down $1.64 at $60.01

Zweig: Time to Take Graham’s Advice The market seems to be in the kind of mood that would have worried “Intelligent Investor” author Benjamin Graham: a desperate need to believe that the worst is over.

N. Korea sanctions mooted.

Tested Early by North Korea, Obama Has Few Options President Obama’s aides say he is seeking a tougher U.S. response than after North Korea’s 2006 nuclear test, but much will depend on Russia and China.

JPMorgan $29 Billion WaMu Windfall Found by Turning Bad Loans Into Income

 Lowest Libor Hides ‘Exceptionally Wide’ Spreads by Banks Hoarding Deposits

Porsche $24 Billion of Options Profit in Peril as Volkswagen Fights Merger 

Branson bashed: Virgin Atlantic Sees ‘Challenging Year’ as Air Travel Slumps

Housing Hitting Bottom by June Means Fewest New U.S. Home Starts Since ’45 

Mortgage Modifying Fails to Halt Defaults Mortgage-servicing companies are struggling to find the best way to modify mortgages to keep borrowers in their homes, according to a report expected this week.

Obama urged to curb Buy American measures Congress moves may be hurting workers

China Mobile in handset milestone Google’s Android system makes legal debut

Demand for Muni Bond bailout begins Cash-strapped state and local governments are seeking help from the federal government to make their bonds look safer in a difficult credit market.

Lawyers Salivate At Thought of GM Bankruptcy

Lehman President Joe Gregory can’t dump Hamptons mansion, cuts price 14%

London divorce lawyer cleans up as rich husbands go bust

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