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Barring an agreement that looked increasingly difficult, Chrysler was expected to seek Chapter 11 protection on Thursday, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Chrysler Talks Falter; Chapter 11 Imminent Talks between the Treasury and lenders aimed at keeping Chrysler out of bankruptcy broke down, making it all but certain that the car maker will file for Chapter 11 protection.

GM Bondholders Said to Present Counteroffer to Take Majority Equity Stake

Stocks Rise Around World on Earnings, Europe Erases 2009 Loss; Bonds Fall

S&P 500 Heads Toward Best Month Since March 2000 as Profits Beat Estimates

Markets in Asia Buoyed by Signs of Economic Hope Stock markets rose across the board in the Asia-Pacific region as investors focused on fresh signs that the pace of the economic decline is easing.

Japanese Output Rises by 1.6 per cent Industrial production rose in March for the first time in six months and is poised to continue growing, a possible sign that the worst may be over for Japanese manufacturers.

FDIC May Let Investors Buy Toxic Assets Without Giving Government a Stake

Mexico Suspends Services, Urges Businesses to Close to Slow Spread of Flu

‘Probable’ Cases Reported in Washington Region

Exiting the Casino Forget the boardroom drama at Bank of America, the real trouble is at Morgan Stanley.

Banks head back to their home markets Implosion in cross-border lending

Rising bond yields present fresh Fed challenge Treasury yields back above pre-QE levels

Quantitative easing explained

In a Sharp Contraction, The Basis for an Upswing The U.S. economy contracted at a surprisingly fast pace in the first quarter, but household spending increased. Coupled with a lower supply as inventories are cut back, companies
will eventually have to increase production.

Radio Giant Faces Crisis in Cash Flow Clear Channel, the radio station operator that was taken private last year, is facing mounting debt payments as media companies face a steep drop in advertising.

Flawed Credit Ratings Reap Profits as Regulators Fail to Protect Investors

Unwinding a Deal From Hell Will Time Warner’s disastrous merger with AOL end with a spinoff or a split-off?

Apple Builds Own Chip Team Apple is building a team to design its own semiconductors, in a strategy shift.

Pang Is Released on $1 Million Bond California financier Danny Pang was released on a $1 million bond and confined to his home with electronic monitoring.

U.S. Gas Fields Go From Bust to Boom U.S. policy makers see natural gas as a possible solution to a range of energy problems.

Sting’s Wife Styler Saves Forests, Grows Organic, Makes Movies: Interview

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