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Surge in US bond yields sparks concern Tepid response to Treasury’s debt sale

Option ARM Payment Shock Will Hit in 2011 Threatening U.S Housing Rebound

IEA Raises Oil Demand Forecast The IEA said the slump in global oil demand in 2009 will be slightly less severe than previously expected.

Concerns for recovery as oil surges Crude rises to almost $72 a barrel

Market Downturn Hit Lawmakers Disclosure statements show many House lawmakers lost money last year and several held large investments in financial-services firms and auto makers.

Goldman’s Abby Cohen Says Financial Markets Moving ‘Back Towards Normal’

Commercial Mortgage Loan Defaults Loom for Bondholders as Worst ‘To Come’

The Drinkable Portfolio As an investment, wine has outperformed the market and delivered handsome returns. But the flush times may soon end, writes Brett Arends.

Billionaire Collector Broad Says Art Market ‘Levels Out’ After Price Crash

Latest Kindle: Bigger, Not Better While the larger Kindle DX performs its promised tasks adequately, its size and weight make it awkward and tiring to hold for long periods of reading.

Air France Captain Dubois Let Down by One-Pound aeroplane Part, Pilots Say

Fed Lost $16.5 Billion on AIG, Bear Stearns

Homebuyer Tax Credit of $15,000, Available to All, Pushed in U.S. Senate

Nouriel Roubini: Latvia’s crash will be dramatic and costly

An innocent abroad: Amanda Knox on trial in Italy for killing her roommate.  For five months now in the Umbrian hill town of Perugia, an American exchange student called “Angel Face” by the tabloid press has been on trial for the murder of her roommate. On Friday, for the first time, that student, Amanda Knox will testify on her own behalf.  The case against Knox has so many holes in it, and is so tied to the career of a powerful Italian prosecutor who is under indictment for professional misconduct, that any fair-minded jury would have thrown it out months ago.  Keep reading >  (Photo excerpt: Reuters)

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