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Oil, Stocks, Pound Climb to Highest Since November on Outlook for Growth

Chrysler Said to Near Bankruptcy Exit in Confidence Boost for GM Overhaul

GM to give union stake of just 17.5% US bondholder talks fail to reach agreement
Secured Lenders to GM to Get Full Recovery

GM Bondholders Are People Like You and Me The government is punishing one group of workers to reward another.

 U.S. Recession Probably Will End by Third Quarter, Business Economists Say

 Edinburgh Money Managers Say Second-Half Recovery Unlikely to Be V-Shaped

Even Roubini’s getting more positive, now sees recession ending this year

North Korea Threatens Military Strike, Abandons 1953 Armistice With South

Saudi minister sees oil demand rising Naimi: world can cope with $75-$80 oil
Exploding debt threatens America S&P’s sovereign rating outlook for the UK is also a wake-up call for a US government with spiralling borrowings
Boom, Doom, and Gloomer Faber sees Zimbabwe inflation for US

Microsoft’s “Wonderwall” tries new tactic: Ranking of 10 “dazzling blondes,” starting with Blake Lively

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