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Europe Stocks: FTSE Gains 0.4%
Fed Finds at Least Six of 19 Biggest U.S. Banks Need to Raise More Capital
Time Warner Sticks With Guidance

Loan Growth in Europe Was Slowest in March Since Records Started in 1991

Swine Flu Spreads to Hundreds in New York as Global Pandemic Threat Climbs

SEC Plans Fraud Fight With Teams of Specialists
So Far, Obama Remains Popular
Jenkins: The Truth About Cars and Trucks
Feeling More Secure, Some Banks Want to Be Left Alone
Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal
Union OKs Pay Cut at NYT
A Reality Check for Economic Optimism

Obama Expands Foreclosure Plan Under the newest version of the $75 million prevention plan, some homeowners could see their payments fall significantly and the interest rate on their second mortgage pushed down to 1 per cent.

Retest of the March low coming? If this is a real bull market, and if you still haven’t gotten in, don’t worry.

‘Warehouse’ mortgages dry up Short-term revolving lines of credit used by mortgage bankers are disappearing, hurting borrowers looking for home loans.
Martin Wolf Fixing bankrupt financial systems is just the beginning

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