The Current Leaders Of The 2009 Silicon Alley Awards Are...

Last week we launched the open nomination and voting period for the 2009 Silicon Alley Awards.  The voting booth will only be open for another 10 days or so, so hurry up and get your nominations in.

As a reminder, this year we’ll be giving awards in the following six categories:

BEST BUZZ:  The company everyone’s buzzing about (favourably).  Submit nominations here >

BEST TO WORK FOR:  Pay, benefits, colleagues, perks, work environment, culture, convenience, views, offices, you name it.  Tell us why your nominee qualifies.  Submit nominations here >

MOST LOVED PRODUCT OR SERVICE:  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos always used to emphasise the importance of “delighting” customers.  Nominate companies whose products or services you love (and explain why).  Submit nominations here >

MOST LIKELY TO CHANGE THE WORLD:  A.k.a., most revolutionary, most disruptive.  Nominate companies whose success is likely to have the biggest impact on incumbent competitors and/or on the lives of its users or customers. Submit nominations here >

MOST LIKELY TO BE WORTH $1+ BILLION:  Private companies that haven’t yet been valued at $1+ billion.  Please tell us WHY you think your nominees will eventually be worth that much. Submit nominations here >

THE MAN:  The individual who has done the most to promote digital entrepreneurialism in New York City in the past year.  This individual does not need to be male.  We would, in fact, love to present this award to a woman. Submit nominations here >

Here are the current nominees and leaders in each category >

Once we close the voting booth, we’ll narrow down the nominees in each category to five finalists. We’ll then submit the list to our expert panel of New York Digital Gurus (details soon), who will pick the winners.  We’ll present the awards live at our Startup 2009 conference on June 3rd.

Happy voting!

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