Swine Flu Hits Ernst & Young

Jen Chung at Gothamist:

WCBS 2 reports that an employee at Ernst & Young’s Times Square office has swine flu. However, Ernst & Young does not believe anyone in the office was exposed; here’s the company’s statement:

“An employee in our offices at 5 Times Square was diagnosed on Sunday with swine flu, which she contracted from a family member. The individual had not been in offices since last Thursday. According to the centre for Disease Control, the disease has a 24-hour incubation period. Given the timeframe, we believe that it is unlikely that any other of our people have been infected.

Still, the company says it has followed CDC procedures, “including closing the offices on the floor where she worked and retaining a skilled sanitation service to clean the area” and are allowing employees “to work from home if they would be more comfortable doing so.” Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg said there were 28 confirmed cases of swine flu; there are also five probable cases of swine flu in NJ. Here’s the CDC’s website “Swine Flu And You” and NYC’s Health Dept. also has a brochure (PDF).

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