Steve Ballmer's Secrets To Kicking arse

steve ballmer 1

Microsoft’s butt-kicker-in- chief shares some management advice with the WSJ.

(For some reason, the videos don’t appear to be embedding.  To watch them, go here >)

How to find time to get sh** done: Create a spreadsheet to budget time for the year, allocating time for meetings, travel and exploring new ideas.



How not to waste time in stupid meetings: Distribute material in advance, give a brief summary and invite questions.



How to make big decisions: Delegate smaller decisions to deputies to save your own decision-making time for big calls.



How to hire awesome people: Look for passion, get references and ask candidates to detail something they’re proud of.



How to innovate: Encourage different cultures of innovation, be persistent and have patience.



How to micromanage people: To strike the right balance, ask people many detailed questions but don’t micromanage them.




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