Stalking Walt Mossberg, Day 2

Yesterday, we reported that Walt Mossberg had startled breakfast guests at the Four Seasons Carlsbad by using some PG language in a G-rated family dining room

Today at breakfast, Walt was reportedly quieter and cleaner.  But he apparently passed on some incorrect information to his companions.  And they still couldn’t get a word in edgewise:

This morning Mossberg is lecturing his breakfast mates on diabetes and the glycemic index of different foods. He’s knowledgeable by lay standards, but talking beyond his expertise. A couple of things he said were wrong.

He’s a little quieter today. Sitting with four others. He’s doing all talking.

He’s also talking about how colleges are responding to financial crisis. Guessing he might be trustee at whatever his alma mater is.

Sporting a polo shirt with All things digital logo. Business insider needs clothing line.

(OK, OK, we know this is ridiculous.  But it’s fun, no?  Sorry, Walt!)

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