Skiing Star Lindsey Vonn Is Racing Right Now! NBC's Ruining It For You On

Lindsey Vonn

The best woman alpine skier in American history is racing in her best event (the downhill) right now at the Winter Olympics.

NBC is bringing you minute-by-minute coverage… on its blog.

What, you want to actually see Lindsey race?

Well, don’t be ridiculous.  NBC’s only going to SHOW you the race tonight, when you already know whether or not Lindsey won.

In the meantime, you can just check out their blog.

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UPDATE: See, NBC knows just how exciting it is to watch live sports.  They’re so excited, in fact, they can’t stop telling you what’s coming in just a few minutes:

Vonn coming up in 3 more skiers Austria’s Fischbacher and France’s Marie Marchand-Arvier will ski next, once the course is cleaned up after Merighetti’s crash. Vonn is next, followed by Canada’s Emily Brydon who looks very relaxed at the top of the course. Is it Lindsey’s Day? She’s definitely the favourite, and this is the moment of truth. Lyndsey Vonn is the next skier on course. Currently, USA in the top spot, with 2 Austrians in 2nd and 3rd having bumped Britt Janyk down to 4th. Vonn has been treating her shinbang with analgesic creams, painkillers, rest, and Swiss cheese and vinegar. She’s said she was incredibly appreciative of the weather delays. Her family are here today, including brother and sister – a brother who she convinced yesterday to shave her initials into his faux-hawk! And here she is in the starting gate! Imagine if you could actually SEE THE RACE LIVE!  Why, it would almost be like BEING THERE!!! 

(Too bad NBC is the network that prevents you from watching the Olympics).

Can’t stand the suspense?  Don’t want to waste your evening watching stale reruns?  Find out whether Lindsey Vonn did it right here >

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