Shaun White's Coach Drops S-Bomb On NBC Olympics Prior To Shaun's Awesome Gold-Medal Victory Run

Shaun White

Shaun White and his coach were celebrating Shaun’s amazing second gold medal in snowboarding prior to Shaun’s second run down the half pipe this evening (no other competitor had come close to Shaun’s first run score). 

And, while slapping each other’s shoulders and whooping it up, they were debating what Shaun should do on his victory lap second run.

“What do you want to do,” said Shaun’s coach.

“I don’t know, man,” said a giddy Shaun.  “Ride down the middle?”

“No, man,” said his coach.  “Relax.  Have some fun.”

“Drop a double-mick at the end?” said Shaun, referring to a McTwist 1260, a move that Shaun had developed in secret over the past few years and had held off on doing in his gold-medal winning first run.

“Yeah, drop a double mick,” said Shaun’s coach.  “You send that thing.  And make sure you stomp the shit out of it.”

Fist bumps all around.

Then, before Shaun shoved off, after a few seconds of stunned silence, came the apology from NBC, which will probably have to spend the next six months testifying in front of Congress and paying obscenity fines.

And then Shaun White put on the best run in the history of snowboarding, blowing away his early score, dropping a double-mick at the end.  Needless to say, he stomped the shit out of it.

(And, most importantly, NBC showed it LIVE! Suddenly the Olympics were awesome again.)

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