Ron Paul: How I Got Punk'd By Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno

Ron Paul answers the most pressing question of the day…


TechTicker, Peter Gorenstein  Tech Ticker went to Washington this week to interview several prominent lawmakers, including Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. We asked him about healthcare, the economy and his campaign to audit the Fed. As the conversation was wrapping up, we asked him about one last thing: his new-found fame on the big screen.  In case your pop culture knowledge is lacking (as Rep. Paul admits his is) the Congressman makes a memorable cameo in the #1 film at the box office, “Bruno”.  As Slate  so delicately puts it, “in a five-minute scene, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen tries—and fails—to seduce the Texas congressman and former Republican presidential candidate in a Washington hotel room.”

So how did “Bruno” creator and star Sacha Baron Cohen pull it off?  Paul says the encounter started very professionally: “It was actually, the same or very similar to a studio [“This Week” Host, George] Stephanopoulos interviewed me in during the campaign,” he says.

You’ll have to watch the movie to see how it all turns out, but let’s just say, Paul was caught off-guard by Cohen’s humour and doesn’t have much time for movies. As he jokes in the accompanying clip, the last movie he saw was probably “The Sound of Music.”

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