Recession So Bad Educated Women Have To Go Back To Work

It’s a “watershed moment” for many well-educated women, say experts. 

Having fought for a century to earn the right to work, many of these women worked for a while and then realised that working is actually for the birds.

And, so, in recent years, they’ve been staying home and letting hubby bring home the bacon.

But now hubby has been canned.  And the kids have grown up.  And the family savings have been demolished.  So women are having to go back to work!

(Are they finding it less fun and liberating now that they’re doing it because they have to?)

Steven Greenhouse, NYT: The Great Recession is pushing many highly educated women who had left work to stay at home with their children to dive back into the labour pool, according to several nationally recognised experts on women in the workplace.

Many of these women are sending out job applications for the first time in years because their husbands were laid off, fear being laid off or had their salaries cut or because their family’s investments plunged in value.

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