REALITY CHECK: The Only Difference Between Joe Stack And Osama Bin Laden Is That Bin Laden Was Successful

osama bin laden, ap photo 09/08/07

More stunning than the news that a domestic terrorist flew a plane into a building today is the fact that some people regard him as a patriot.

Here’s just one of many such examples we’ve received today:

“Regarding your article characterising the “manifesto” of Joseph Andrew Stack as an insane manifesto, I have to disagree.  His method of registering his complaint was suspect but the underlying truth of his statement in whole cannot be argued. “

Joe Stack’s “method” was “suspect”?  What?

joe stackJoseph Andrew Stack

Photo: CBS

Joe Stack’s “method” was brutal and murderous.  He deliberately flew a plane into a building, apparently with the intention of killing Americans.  That he also had some thoughts about the appropriate size of government and taxes is irrelevant.  (Who doesn’t?)At risk of further agitating those who persist in viewing Stack as some sort of champion of liberty, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • Joe Stack was a terrorist
  • The only difference between Joe Stack and Osama Bin Laden is that Bin Laden was successful
  • Anyone who vents rage at a “government” by attacking an office building is–in addition to being a terrorist–a nutcase
  • The only sympathetic defence of Stack’s behaviour–and one possible difference between him and Bin Laden–is that he was insane

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