QUIZ OF THE DAY: How Do You Pronounce "Geithner"

A reader takes issue with the way we pronounce the name of our country’s Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner:

Henry –

Why the fuck can’t you learn to pronounce his name right?  SERIOUSLY!

The motherfucking H is silent.

It sounds like GUYT-NER!



Thanks. Is that the way he pronounces it? I’ve talked to folks who know him well who say it the way I do.


Our reader:

[Your Yahoo TechTicker co-host] Aaron Task says it right. The other people are wrong. 

Ask the scumbag Geithner himself how he says it.  Actually, if you get close enough to ask him, please jam a shank into his heart (if he has one)…..


So, everyone, how do you pronounce “Geithner”?

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