New Zealand: We've Done A Good Job Managing Filet-O-Fish


New Zealand’s seafood industry council didn’t like the New York Times’ insinuation that they had stood by and done nothing while the primary ingredient for McDonalds’ Filet-O-Fish sandwiches was fished to near- extinction.

New Zealand has done a fine job managing the hoki fishery, a representative for the council, Eric McErlain, tells us:

I represent the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council, and wanted to get in touch with you regarding your short item regarding the hoki from the New York Times.  To say the least, my client is distressed about the story because the reporter for the paper, William Broad, ignored reporting that appeared in his own paper from just a few weeks ago that praised New Zealand fisheries, including the hoki fishery, as one of the best-managed in the world.

The study in question, the work of 20 marine ecologists and fisheries scientists that was originally published in the journal, Science, was highlighted in the NYT on July 30 [Study Finds Hope in Saving Saltwater Fish; 7/30/09].  While the article doesn’t directly mention the New Zealand fisheries, the original study referred to in the story does.  You can find that original study here:
“Most rebuilding efforts only begin after there is drastic and undeniable evidence of overexploitation. The inherent uncertainty in fisheries, however, requires that agencies act before it comes to that stage (33); this is especially true in light of accelerating global change (34). We found that only Alaska and New Zealand seemed to have acted with such foresight, whereas other regions experienced systemic overexploitation.”
My client would have been happy to point this out to Broad, if he had only bothered to call them. So we can keep eating Filet-O-Fish?

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