New York Times Pledges Undying Allegiance To Twitter

We’ve been watching the Internet for 15 years now, and we think it’s fair to say we’ve never seen a company get this much mainstream media attention this fast. 

A year ago, most people outside the digerati had never heard of Twitter.  Now, we can’t turn on the TV or radio or click on a newspaper without being bombarded with breathless excitement about it.

We reiterate our prediction–shocking a year ago, seemingly reasonable now–that Twitter will eventually be worth more than $1 billion.  (Go ahead…explain how we don’t get that Twitter doesn’t even have a business model… : ) )

Why I Am Obsessed With Twitter
By Jenna Wortham, New York Times
…I’m obsessed with Twitter. I’m a fascinated voyeur, transfixed by the streams of bursts, musings, insights and complaints unfurling before my eyes…

I enjoy the peephole — albeit a tightly controlled one — into celebrities’ otherwise highly private lives…

Yet for all the reasons I’m obsessed with Twitter, it’s come close to ruining my life once or twice…

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