New York Times Pays Execs Extra To Hire Minorities And Women Instead Of White Guys

United colours of BenettonSorry, white fellas. No grease for hiring you.

Another fun fact from the New York Times’s proxy: Senior executives can get an extra bonus for hiring minorities and women instead of white guys.Don’t believe it?

Let’s go to the text:

The [Compensation] Committee also retained the discretion to increase or decrease the individual component of the total bonus paid to each executive by up to 10% based on the continuing development of a diverse work force, including the inclusion of diverse candidates in hiring processes and the demonstration of personal commitment to diversity through participation in diversity-related activities, such as mentoring and sponsorship of affinity groups.

And how did NYTCO’s senior management do on this category of potential bonus for this year?

  • Chairman Arthur Sulzberger didn’t get any extra
  • Neither did CEO Janet Robinson
  • But Michael Golden, CEO of NYTCo’s “regional media group” got an extra 5%.

So, what did Michael do for this money, exactly?

(By the way, is this really legal?)

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