NBC'S Latest Olympics Outrage Not Such An Outrage! Hockey Games LIVE, Skiing Taped*

USA hockey

UPDATE: We apologise!  It seems we screwed up the time zones, which are expressed in different ways on NBCOlympics.com.  It appears that the only events NBC will be ruining today are the alpine skiing ones.  We apologise to NBC!

EARLIER: Can’t wait to watch the Olympic Hockey clash that NBC and every other news organisation on this continent have been hyping for days?

Neither can we.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to watch it on TV.

Why not?

Because NBC, the network that prevents us from watching the Olympics, is showing the Russia vs. Czech Republic hockey game LIVE today, but is tape-delaying the USA-Canada one.  And we’re not going to waste our time watching hockey on tape delay.

Now, NBC may redeem itself somewhat here, by showing the USA-Canada hockey game live on NBCOlympics.com.  NBC has been streaming all the hockey games live so far, and today’s streaming schedule suggests that it will do the same here.  But clicking the link in the streaming schedule takes you to a page that doesn’t exist, so we’ll believe it when we see it.

Of course, like most Americans, we’d rather watch hockey on a TV, where it might be possible to see the puck.  NBC is making sure that that’s impossible.  Given that we haven’t been able to watch many other Olympic events live ANYWHERE, however, we’ll settle for the small screen.

And, once again, we hope Jeff Zucker, Dick Ebersol, and other hockey fans at NBC (along with the entire nation of Canada) enjoy watching the game live on their TVs. 

(Of course, NBC will also be ruining the Men’s Super-Combined alpine skiing today–on a Sunday, when everyone in the country could watch it live.  But that’s hardly a surprise by now.  Meanwhile, the network continues to refuse to explain why it is ruining the Olympics for every sports fan in the country...).

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