Lenny Dykstra Going Down Swinging

Lenny Dykstra’s creditors are becoming an angry mob, says Keith Kelly at the Post.  Especially now that he’s lost a self-described $3 million stock-advice deal with TheStreet.com.

LENNY “Nails” Dykstra, the former big-league outfielder turned financial-stock picker and glossy-magazine publisher, is drowning in a sea of bad debts and lawsuits that have pushed his total indebtedness to around $50 million, according to one source.

In the latest legal skirmish, Dykstra was accused in Manhattan federal court of failing to pay a total of $183,770 to five people who worked with him in various capacities on the launch of The Players Club, his glossy lifestyle and financial-advice mag aimed at wealthy pro athletes.

Among those he allegedly stiffed are Arthur Hochstein, Time magazine‘s art director who helped Dykstra with the design concept, and Mary Anne Golon, former Time magazine head of photography, who had helped with the photo work for the debut issue’s Derek Jeter cover.

In the latest case, sources say Dykstra convinced Hochstein to put a $7,000 Xerox laser printer on his personal credit card, and never reimbursed him for the expense.

“It’s still sitting in his living room,” said one friend. After the inevitable falling out between Dykstra and Hochstein, Dysktra tried to send someone from The Players Club to pick up the printer and bring it to the magazine’s offices — even though he hadn’t paid for it.

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Let’s hope he doesn’t solve his problems by blowing his brains out.

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