John Edwards Mistress Rielle Hunter To Take Paternity Test

As we’ve noted, there are several ways John Edwards’ mistress Reille Hunter could respond to Elizabeth and John Edwards trashing her eight ways to Sunday. 

Economically, the smartest plan is likely to sit tight and take the punches…unless she is certain Edwards is the father of her baby girl.

If she’s certain, a paternity test (threatened or real) will probably force Edwards to cough up a couple million in child support sooner rather than later.  This would come in handy now that the hush-money payments have stopped and Hunter is reportedly broke and living with a friend in New Jersey. 

As we explain here, however, if she’s not certain Edwards is the father, taking a paternity test is very risky, because if Edwards is not the father, Hunter will suddenly appear to be just the gold-digging hussy that Elizabeth is making her out to be.  More importantly, any chance she might have of getting some of his money will be gone.

In any event, the National Enquirer now reports that Rielle Hunter is so outraged about the way she’s been treated that she’s getting ready to take the paternity test and pursue legal action.    If Hunter isn’t just acting irrationally, John Edwards may be on the verge of having to accept full responsibility.

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