Joe Biden: Jobs Coming Right Up!

My colleague at TechTicker, Aaron Task, hoofed it down to D.C. to spend some time with VP Biden.  Here’s the first of three clips…

Tech Ticker lived up to its promise. As part of our exclusive interview with Vice President Joseph Biden, Aaron asked questions of the audience and of members of an exclusive group — a classroom of second graders.

Who asked the better questions?

You be the judge.

In response to a question about government’s wasteful spending, the Vice President defended the stimulus package, claiming, “Projects are coming in on time and under budget.”

When asked by an especially astute student (Aaron’s daughter) what he thought the economy would be like in two months, the Vice President focused on jobs and expressed  confidence the economy will soon start creating jobs. “I think you’re going to be seeing 200,000 jobs created a month” by next September, he said.

And when a student asked about education cuts — a problem being faced by dozens of states facing looming deficits — Biden came back to the Recovery Act.  “Education is the highest priority for us,” he said, noting that $105 billion in the Recovery Act is being targeted for education.

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