Job Market So Bad 260 People Applied To Scoop Poop

Scoop PoopSee? Not as bad as you think!


How bad is the job market?Here’s Mike “Mish” Shedlock of Sitka Pacific with an update:

Want a job scooping poop? 260 people do. They applied for a job opening on Craigslist posted by Guy Palumbo, owner of Roscoe’s Ranch, a 24-kennel outfit. Please consider Recession’s untold story

You want to be the kennel helper? You’re on the hook for the poop. You’ll spend part of every day scooping it up (if all digestive systems work as designed) or mopping it (when they don’t).

“Usually I get high-school kids applying. Or maybe a college kid for the summer. I’ve never seen anything like this.” says Palumbo.

Who now wants to be a dog-kennel assistant?

  • A laid-off graphic designer
  • A freelance photographer.
  • Two out-of-work teachers sent résumés.
  • Someone in their mid-40s who had worked as a financial controller at an environmental services company.
  • Past customer-service reps from WaMu, AT&T, J.C. Penney and Sprint.
  • Retail clerks and cashiers.
  • Out-of-work waiters.

They may say the recession’s over, on paper or on the nightly news. Palumbo’s electronic stack of résumés says otherwise.

“It’s simply amazing to me, and I still can’t believe it,” he said, “that from age 14 up into their 60s this many people are dying to be a minimum-wage dog-kennel assistant.”

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