Why Big Rich Companies Can't Crush Tiny Startups

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Why didn’t Time Warner found Yahoo back in 1994?  Why is a once-tiny little search engine called Google now the most powerful media company in the world?  Why couldn’t Barnes & Noble squash Amazon?  Why didn’t newspapers start craigslist?  Why didn’t phone companies launch Twitter?

In short, why can’t big companies ever get their act together fast enough to jump on an emerging opportunity before some hot startup monopolizes it?

Harvard professor Clay Christensen wrote the book on this in the 1990s: The Innovator’s Dilemma.  Here, Kevin Ryan puts it in practical terms:


In July, we interviewed Kevin Ryan as part of our series on Innovation. Kevin is the former CEO of DoubleClick and the co-founder of Gilt Groupe, The Business Insider, and other companies. This clip is a segment from that conversation. The whole interview can be be viewed here. >

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