Idiot EU Bureaucrats Attack Microsoft Again


Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s latest futile windmill-tilting in the search business comes news that the EU bureaucrats are still fighting the last war.  Don’t they know the market is taking care of the problem?

WSJ: Frustrated with past efforts to change Microsoft Corp.’s behaviour, European Union regulators are pursuing a new round of sanctions against the software giant that go well beyond fines.

The regulatory push is focused on a longstanding complaint against Microsoft: that it improperly bundles its Web browser with its Windows software. Rather than forcing Microsoft to strip its Internet Explorer from Windows, people close to the case say, the EU is now ready to try the opposite measure: Forcing a bunch of browsers into Windows, thus diluting Microsoft’s advantage.

The sanctions would come from an EU investigation that began last year. In a sign of how rapidly the case is progressing, these people say, the possible penalty has emerged as a key focus in discussions between the parties.

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