Hey, Check Out The Future Of Television!

No matter how much effort TV networks and cable companies put into trying to keep the TV world from changing, the future is coming.

And it’s awesome!

Check out this live online coverage of the first day of the US Open.  Even if you hate tennis, you should be able to appreciate how great this is:

  • Live coverage of 5 (five) matches at once!  You, the viewer, pick which one to watch.
  • Competent commentary of all matches.  No idiot big-name broadcast personality who knows nothing about tennis oohing and ahhing about all the racket-waving.
  • No ads.  OK, that won’t last, but it’s nice while it does.  (There are ads on the individual matches, but you can always use them as a chance to check out other matches).
  • No annoying cable company dictating what you can and can’t watch and when.
  • No annoying broadcast network refusing to pre-empt the Today Show and therefore showing all matches on tape delay.
  • One simple source for the feed: The event’s site.  This instead of the usual TV headache: (which network? when’s it on?, what will they show?)  The feeds here are apparently produced by the Tennis Channel and ESPN.  But you don’t have to know that to watch.

And did we mention that it’s smart, too?  Most people who care about tennis are at work today.  Most people at work don’t have TV’s hanging in their offices.  Few people who at work who DO have TVs hanging in their offices would have the temerity to tune them to the US Open all day.

And now all these fans can watch!  Just turn the sound down or put on ear-phones and your boss will never know.  And every single one of you is a viewer that the network that is broadcasting these (no idea which) never would have had.  So this actually helps the networks, at least as far as advertising goes.

(It does hurt the cable companies, though, insofar as you don’t need a cable network to watch.  You do need some connection, though.  And cable might be able to help with that.).

Note that the only thing you need to watch this awesome coverage on your TV instead of your computer is a simple IP-to-TV solution.  Once you have that, you can just tune into “The US Open” channel and the hell with your cable company.  And that solution is coming, whether the cable companies want it to or not.

Anyone know the details of the rights arrangement here?  We gather this is a Tennis Channel / ESPN production.  It is presumably under the control of the US Open, though.  We’re almost certain it’s not CBS, which has the rights to the big matches later on in the tournament, because, so far in the evolution of TV sports coverage, networks have almost always found a way to ruin the sport for fans in order to protect their own economic interests.

In any event, enjoy the future of television, right here on your computer.  It rocks!

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